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Street Team/Flyer Team

Our promo team have extensive experience in flyer & pamphlet distribution for various festivals including Electric Gardens Festival, Corona Sunsets Festival, Fringe Festival, Goodlife Festival and many more.

They are bright, informative and friendly promo members who will make sure your event information gets into the hands and ears of your potential audience.

Our team members are reliable, always able to promote events, brands, festivals and more at little notice.

We’ve worked big event companies such as Secret Sounds, Mellen events and Chugg Touring just to name a few!

Each promo session will come with feedback report and pictures.

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Street Postering

Guerrilla marketing is all the rage, and no one knows print and distribution better than us. Billboards are expensive, social media is cluttered with multiple advertisements, and no one reads traditional print media. That’s where we come in.

With over 10 years of experience in street poster distribution, we know Perth like it’s the back of our hands. We have scouted and maintained the very best poster display locations around Perth and its surrounding areas to provide a network for your product, brand, or events to be seen. Our distribution locations in Perth have high foot and vehicle traffic, with some locations in major road intersections. All you need to do is send us your artwork, and we’ll oversee your poster print and distribution anywhere in Perth.

Large format posters are our bread and butter, and we can optimise the best print and street marketing campaign for you based on your budget and requirements.

Talk to us on how we can improve your marketing coverage.

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F-Bombs or fence mesh banners, are large scale format prints A0 size (840X1188) printed on mesh and typically installed on fencing.

They are removable graphic poster scrims designed to strategically promote your event on fencing at various intersections around Perth.

F-Bombs can be placed on already available fencing around Perth or, for an extra fee, be placed on hired fence panels located at any Perth suburb or area of your choosing.

Past clients have used F-BOMBS to promote their events and concerts at locations as far as Perth CBD, Midland, Elizabeth Quay, Kings Park, Northbridge, Rockingham, Subiaco and many more.

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Experiential marketing

Here at A0 Lets Go, we are the experts at creating experiential marketing concepts from start to finish.

Past clients have included Uber for Fringe World Perth, Grey Goose for Butterfly Nightclub and Jack Daniels for Secret Sounds/Falls Festival.

Our experience team are there from the conception stage to the building phase, and our in house video team are also available to capture any footage for your social media needs.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your brand.

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